LLBLGen Pro 5.9.3

LLBLGen Pro  5.9.3
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LLBLGen is a solution for fast and easy Entity Modeling and actually creates an entity model layer. LLBLGen is a framework that works well with most existing ORMs such as Entity Framework, NHibernate, Linq To SQL or even your custom ORMs, you can simply design the database modeling layer and then map it to your database. From now on you only need to write queries. LLBLGen maps objects easily in the relational model. It is widely used in many commercial projects around the world.

This product enables database modeling in either database-first or model-first approaches for developers, and switching between these two models is possible at each stage of the project. As it is more comprehensible to visual elements, this product, like other ORMs, uses graphical designers to map objects to the database, increasing flexibility, reducing errors, easier configuration and faster deployment. In the design of this product you can easily model thousands of different entities together.
This beautiful framework is not limited to graphic design and even the automated code it produces is very clean, tidy and well documented so that you feel you have written it yourself, so it will be easy for you to link to it. . LLBLGen supports modern features like async / await, caching results to speed up queries, step load, transaction error recovery as well as Linq to keep you comfortable with the latest .NET technologies when using this product. Along with all the features that this product has, it also has high efficiency, making it one of the fastest among available ORMs.




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