VovSoft HTML Stripper 1.2

VovSoft HTML Stripper 1.2
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Vovsoft HTML Stripper is a free tool to strip HTML from any text.

Remove all HTML and formatting from your text. This software gives quick and easy way to transform formatted text. This tool is an HTML code stripper that helps you to strip HTML tags, remove html or htm code and convert to text/string/data.

This software converts your ugly formatted and/or HTMLified text into a clean and pretty text for you to enjoy. The application can be helpful for people who want to save a massive amount of cleaning up messy text packed with HTML tags, javascript code snippets, CSS styles and ugly formatting. All you have to do is to click the button – and voila!

Remove tags from HTML
A common use case for this is when someone wants to publish an article on a website they don’t control. Some websites impose strict limitations on what content can be inserted into the HTML. Somes this may even include having to remove tags that are required for formatting or specifying the layout of a webpage.

This is a useful tool for bloggers who want input from their readers on the blog post without being bogged down by all of the unwanted formatting that the comment system might add.

This tool can be used by content writers and web developers alike to scrub html tags in their content before publishing it or sending it off to their contact list.

HTML tag stripper
Since different applications and WYSIWYG-editors use all sorts of different markup and custom formatting, the HTML stripper function might not be 100% bulletproof – but it should still be very helpful.

It’s totally free to strip HTML from your text using this service. This tool will make the everyday easier for people working with web, text, and HTML.

If you are looking for a decent HTML stripper, this program removes HTML tags and convert HTML code to text, which scrub text formatting of the HTML to save and share TEXT. HTML stripping is the process by which unnecessary HTML tags are removed from a web page.

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