Mastering The Mix MIXROOM 1.0.9

Mastering The Mix MIXROOM  1.0.9
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MIXROOM is an intelligent EQ that guides you to set the perfect balance of richness and clarity whether you’re working on a vocal, a synth or mastering your music.

MIXROOM analyses your audio and shows you which frequencies could be adjusted to improve your sound. The EQ target suggestion helps you get a solid starting point, from which you can tweak your sound to suit your preference.
How Will MIXROOM Transform Your Music Productions?
Overview: MIXROOM is an EQ that analyses your music and suggests the best settings to give you optimum richness and clarity.
Problem Solved: No more muddy, dull, thin or harsh sounding mixes. Get a great sound with presets that are completely bespoke to your music.
Get Started: MIXROOM is an effective solution for any channel in your song, whether you’re working on a vocal, a synth, or mastering your song. Select a preset or import your own reference track. Match the bands to the EQ target suggestions, then tweak to suit your preference.
Highlight 1: Speed of workflow! Click ‘Add Smart Bands’ to instantly dial in a great sounding EQ curve.
Highlight 2: Pristinely clean adjustments. MIXROOM uses optimised filters for the mid-range and high-end to give you ultra-clean mastering-grade EQ adjustments (without a hit to your CPU).
Whats New
Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version.


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