JAM Software SEPA Transfer Enterprise

JAM Software SEPA Transfer Enterprise
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SEPA Payments With One Click. You have a high volume of SEPA credit transfers and SEPA direct debits and would like to automate your work process? Our desktop software SEPA-Transfer will help you! Simply import your existing payment data from all common data formats (e.g. Excel/CSV) into the SEPA XML format and forward SEPA transactions to your bank according to the HBCI/FinTS standard. Let recurring processes run partially automated or even fully automated via command line parameters and save your time for the really important tasks.

SEPA-Transfer has a clear focus on working with credit transfers, direct debits and account transactions and deliberately dispenses with the broad support of business transactions. As a result, you can benefit above all from the clarity of our program if you work with large volumes of transfers and direct debits.
Data Import
Payment data import from Excel, text and CSV files, databases, SEPA XML files.
Run recurring processes partially or completely automated using command line parameters.
High Compliance With Standards
Support of SEPA standards in different versions, German HBCI/FinTS standard and EBICS (coming soon).



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