Hidemaru Editor 9.18

Hidemaru Editor 9.18
Hidemaru Editor 9.18 | 13.1 Mb

Hidemaru Editor is a text editor that runs on WindowsXP/Vista/7/8/8.

A text editor is software for editing text files.
In Windows standard, files edited with Notepad can be edited with Hidemaru Editor.
You can use it with high functionality and lightness in various scenes that use “text” such as program source file editing, email editing, HTML editing, etc.
Fast and light
Hidemaru editor instant start-up function
(startup of the new Hidemaru editor can be reduced to almost zero)
“Fast reopening” function
(A file that has been opened once using a temporary file can be opened at high speed by using the temporary file again.)
Fast scrolling & smooth scrolling
High function
Edit files up to 10 million lines
Unlimited UNDO & REDO function
Regular expression/fuzzy search by in-house developed HmJre.dll can be used
(Other regular expression DLLs such as BRegIf.dll can also be used)
You can also search (GREP) and replace from multiple files
Can handle Unicode file names
Supports EUC/JIS supplementary kanji




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