Intertia Sound Systems Granulizer 2 v2.3.0

Intertia Sound Systems Granulizer 2 v2.3.0
Team NeBULA | 18 September 2022 | 181MB

Granular synthesis from the future.

GRANULIZER 2 is a granular synthesis software synthesizer intended for creative sound design.

It features a very versatile DSP ee that is able to deliver a wide sound palette, with sounds varying from metallic crunch and grainy fuzziness to smooth reverb-like tones, spectral widening or chaotic soundscapes.

High quality audio ee that performs -stretching, pitch-shifting, granular resynthesis and spectrum manipulation
Diffusion effect for wide droney sounds (think spectral reverb)
Spectral Shaping
Frequency shifter for atonal variations
Grain warping
Control over subtle randomization of certain internal parameters (“Magic” knob)
High quality diffusion delay effect for droney soundscapes
Waveform view with loop selection, zoom in / out
A portable and intuitive preset system
Explanatory on-screen tooltips on mouse hover over the parameters.
Minimal, clean UI

Whats new in this version
Official site does not provide any info about changes in this version.

System Requirements
Windows 10 x64: VST / VST3



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