Cliosoft SOS 7.05.p9

Cliosoft SOS 7.05.p9
Cliosoft SOS 7.05.p9 | 68.5 mb

The software developer Cliosoft is pleased to announce the availability of SOS (Save Our Software) 7.

05.p9 design collaboration platform. This platform provides an eco-system where designers can manage their design data during the development cycle.
for hardware design teams. Its capabilities include multi-site collaboration, version control, workarea management, release management, and project control. SOS seamlessly streamlines your entire design process by enhancing communication and facilitating efficient and accurate sharing of design data from concept through tapeout. This significantly improves design team productivity and dramatically reduces chances of requiring a mask re-spin due to configuration errors.
SOS solves many design data management needs with one integrated platform that is non-intrusive to the design flow. Its architecture and interface enables design teams dispersed across multiple zones to collaborate efficiently on the same project. Its extensibility and API allows easy integration with design tools and processes. Its suppor t for different work models makes it suitable to manage all your design data from RTL to GDSII.
was launched in 1997 by Srinath Anantharaman as a self-funded company, with the SOS design collaboration platform as its first product. The objective then, was to help manage front end flows for SoC designs.
The SOS platform was later extended to incorporate analog and mixed-signal design flows wherever Cadence Virtuoso was predominantly used. SOS is currently integrated with tools from Cadence, Synopsys, Mentor and Keysight Technologies. ClioSoft also provides an enterprise IP management platform for design companies to easily create, publish and reuse their design IPs.
Today ClioSoft, driven by the experience and innovation of a number of eeers, is the market leader for SoC design data and IP management solutions and the #1 choice for analog and mixed signal designers.
Cliosoft SOS
x64 english
Windows *
68.5 mb


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