VovSoft URL Extractor 1.4

VovSoft URL Extractor 1.4
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Vovsoft URL Extractor is one of the best programs that can harvesthttp andhttps web page addresses.

You can extract and recover all URLs from files in seconds. Once installed, you can start the application and b searching for links almost immediately. You only need to provide a directory, as the program can take care of the rest.

The software scans an entire folder for files that contain links and displays them all within its main window, allowing you to export the list to file. All the options are clear and simple and they all can be placed within the one-window interface. All you need to do is select the files you want the application to analyze and press the “Start” button. Vovsoft URL Extractor supports file masks to help you filter the files.

Key Features
Directory scan
Drag and drop
Load file list
File masks
Extract URLs
Extract hostnames
Extract domain names
Remove duplicates

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