Simple Video Cutter 0.24.0

Simple Video Cutter 0.24.0
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Simple Video Cutter has the most accurate name the software world has to offer.

This lightweight application lets trim videos down in the most -efficient and intuitive way possible. It would surely come in handy for individuals who need to process tons of clips in the shortest possible.

Works with FFmpeg
Simple Video Cutter extracts parts of videos with the help of the powerful FFmpeg. To spare you the effort, the app provides a direct installation for FFmpeg. Skipping the installation of this makes the cutter unusable.

Queue tasks to avoid idle s
Drag and drop clips in the playback area to start the app. Add markers on specific frames to isolate a video snt. While a clip is running, click on Set Start to add the first selection marker on the line bar. Landing the second marker detees the part that gets extracted. You can play that isolated range, clear the selection, or zoom in and out of the line.

If you don’t feel very accurate adding markers in full playback, you can slow everything down to a frame. Click on the Next Frame button to roll the frames at your pace and mark the cuts with utmost precision.

Recording or lossless
Before getting to the choppy part, the application will offer you a choice on the cutting types. One can choose to go with a lossless cut — which preserves the original file’s quality — or recording, which unlike lossless, can cut between keyframes, but it’s slower and depends on the machine’s hardware. Lossless seems to be the recommended method in this case.

To conclude, Simple Video Cutter was designed with a single purpose in mind, and that is trimming videos down as quickly and as simply as possible. In essence, the utility is a workhorse, but it can also be precise.

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