Multiverse 7.1.0 for Autodesk Maya

Multiverse 7.1.0 for Autodesk Maya
Multiverse 7.1.0 for Autodesk Maya | 62.5 mb

J Cube Inc.

releases yet another major version of its industry leading USD solution for Maya, rendering & interchange with other DCC apps, Multiverse | USD 7.1.
is a plug-in for Autodesk Maya made by J Cube Inc. which allow users to write, read, import, compose, override, layer, preview, playback and procedurally render USD files (Alembic files are also supported and treated as in-memory USD data, with other formats in the works).
This new release brings the Hierarchy Importer with “live connection” (able to handle also USD instances & point instancers), OpenPype intergation, Prism integration, USDZ rendering in the HydraVP2 Viewport and in 3DelightNSI, Composition Writing of layers as USD SubLayers, Asset Writing of Maya instances as USD Inherits, Maya 2023 with Python 3.9 on all platforms, Arnold 7.1+ & MtoA 5.1+, VRay 5.20.23+, support for multiple Redshift versions (3.0.67+ and 3.5.03+ currently), and many other features, improvements, bug-fixes, documentation and web updates.
Originally established in 2013 to respond to the local demand for professional solutions for 3D CGI in Japan,
has quickly positioned itself internationally, first by publishing research at SIGGRAPH, and then with the widespread adoption of its 3D CGI VFX and A software products Multiverse and Maneki which are being used on major Hollywood film productions and Original TV Series by Netflix, , HBO and much more.
7.1.0 for Autodesk Maya
x64 english
Windows *
Autodesk Maya 2019 – 2023
62.5 mb


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