Altair HyperWorks Mechanical Solvers 2022.0.1

Altair HyperWorks Mechanical Solvers 2022.0.1
Altair HyperWorks Mechanical Solvers 2022.0.1 | 296.4 mb

The Altair Eeering development team is pleased to announce the availability of hotfix for HyperWorks Mechanical Solvers 2022.

0.1. Hot fixes address software issues uncovered by customer applications.
This is a hotfix release of version 2022.
Correction of the material behavior for shell and solid.
– Correction of the default path for MDS library in Altair Compute Console.
– Correction of the material identifier reading. Only /MAT/MDS/1 could be read.
Correction of the state file (.sta) output for specific model where the output was corrupted and consequently the state file was very big.
The thickness of the shell elements did not correctly output.
Correction of the Grid Point Stress value (/H3D/NODA/GPS or /AGPS/STRESS/TENS) for linear tetrahedron element (/TETRA4). Results have been incorrect since version 2021.
It is possible to write up to 10 parts per line. Documentation will be updated accordingly.
Correction of contact interface memory allocation issue with SPMD computation and specific model.
This is a hotfix release of version 2022.
– FORCE expression is not picking up the correct bushing element during linear analysis.
– Models with CD-Tire(s) were drawing additional CD-Tire licenses while executing simulations.
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Altair HyperWorks Mechanical Solvers
2022.0.1 Update Only
x64 english
Windows *
Altair HyperWorks Desktop with Solvers 2022.0 (link bellow)
296.4 mb


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