Autodesk Maya 2023.1 with Offline Help + Additional Content

Autodesk Maya 2023.1 with Offline Help + Additional Content

Autodesk Maya 2023.1 with Offline Help + Additional Content
Autodesk Maya 2023.1 with Offline Help & Additional Content | 6.3 Gb
Languages Supported: English, 日本語, 简体中文

Autodesk has released Maya 2023.1, the latest version of its 3D modelling and animation software, improving Boolean modelling and vertex painting workflow, and adding a new HumanIK interface template.

Maya’s multiphysics simulation plugin has also been updated, with Bifrost 2.5 introducing the new Operator SDK for customising Bifrost’s functionality via C++ programming, or integrating it with existing C++ tools.

Maya 2023.1: updates to HumanIK, Boolean modelling and vertex painting

New features in Maya 2023.1 itself include a new interface template for HumanIK, Maya’s IK solver.

The FullRigControlsConfig.xml template provides a list of all of a character rig’s spine, neck, hand and foot joints, extra shoulder joints, and additional finger and toe bones. There are incremental updates to Boolean modelling workflow, with the update adding the option to add meshes as input objects directly from the new stack interface introduced in Maya 2023.

It is also now possible to duplicate objects by right-clicking them in the stack. Vertex painting has been extended, with the option to restrict the Paint Vertex Color Tool to individual RGB colour channels; and to display RGB colour channels individually or in greyscale on polygonal geometry.

Bifrost for Maya 2.5: new Operator SDK for customising Bifrost via C++ programming

Outside the core application, multiphysics plugin Bifrost for Maya gets a significant update, with the new Operator SDK in Bifrost 2.5 opening up the plugin to C++ development. The SDK makes it possible to create both Bifrost operators – Bifrost nodes programmed in C++ – and Bifrost types, which can be used either in the Bifrost graph and in C++ operators. Autodesk describes the SDK as giving studios that use proprietary C++ tools or open-source C++ libraries the ability to “use and extend those tools in the Bifrost graph”.

Other changes include a new suite of nodes for simulating multi-coloured volumes using Aero, Bifrost’s gaseous fluid solver: for example, coloured smoke, thrown powder paint, or even ink mixing in water. There are also a number of workflow and performance updates, particularly to simulations controlled via fields: Autodesk cites a 15% speed increase in a “realistic Aero example with a custom wind field”.

Updates to USD for Maya and the Arnold and Substance plugins

USD for Maya, the USD integration plugin bundled with the software, gets a smaller update, with USD for Maya 0.18 improving support for the MaterialX open standard for material and look dev data. Key changes include support for AMD’s free online library of MaterialX materials, and for displaying MaterialX materials on macOS.

The update also exposes the MaterialX colorCorrect node for better support of Maya’s native shaders. Maya’s integration plugin for Autodesk’s Arnold renderer gets a minor update, with MtoA 5.1.2 just adding support for USD for Maya 0.18. In addition, Version 2.2.3 of Maya’s Substance integration plugin adds a new scripting command for acquiring Substance graph metadata as an XML string.

Fixed Issues
– Bend deformer deletion also deletes transform MAYA-122289
– Parts of the playblast audio are lost when the audio frame range is adjusted in Time Editor MAYA-122011
– Copy Skin Weights broken when more than one mesh used as source MAYA-121912
– Timeslider Bookmark does not auto-load MAYA-121885
– Audio plays twice in Camera Sequencer playblast MAYA-121376
– Crash in rigs using xformMatrix plug on transforms MAYA-121351
– Crash rotating the controllers on a splineIK rig MAYA-120820
– Keying a large number of attributes in animation layers is extremely slow MAYA-120756
– Merging animation layers breaks texture display with UV tiling MAYA-121788
– HIK rig in Parallel Evaluation mode crashes on load MAYA-121763
– Shelf icon label cannot be saved MAYA-122726
– Crash when switching workspace MAYA-122710
– Export selected also exports referenced editsMA files MAYA-122574
– Graph Editor : Cannot copy/paste keys if the script editor window is underneath MAYA-122546
– Graph Editor : Pressing “F” to frame keys brings the Hypershade to the foreground MAYA-122545
– Error when querying attributes on uvPin node through API MAYA-122114
– Crash opening Alias wire model MAYA-121995
– Vanishing surfaces when WIRE import using Aruba tessellation and stitching MAYA-121990
– Show/hide commands can modify locked/connected visibility attributes MAYA-121918
– Slow save performance with mayaAscii files when using long string attributes with new lines MAYA-121861
– Crash when python sequence object is passed to objectType command MAYA-121833
– Plugin compiled with “-ffast-math” causes Maya to crash for certain operations MAYA-121390
– F To frame components In Isolated View will frame entire mesh MAYA-122794
– Snapping : Incorrect component snapping MAYA-122690
– When referencing a skin mesh with history, “Non-Deformer History” will break the skin’s weight MAYA-122285
– Cache: Moving faces and edges are slower than vertices after Remesh MAYA-121902
– Multi-Cut tool not working after starting Maya in DirectX 11 mode MAYA-121671
– Removing locked components from a mesh is slow MAYA-121594
– Viewcube disappears clicking multi-cut tool in Modeling toolkit MAYA-120806
– Bool : Large list of inputs will offset the Bool Stack options menu for operation and display type MAYA-120703
– Performance regression when running a mel script MAYA-122718
– Zoom with alt + mouse scroll wheel not working MAYA-122766
– Copy > Paste with MMB causes double paste in Script editor MAYA-122248
– MaterialX/USD : V2 lighting should support ambient lights MAYA-121806
– Selection changes trigger instance matrix updates, and that is slow MAYA-121303
– Some Skinning becomes broken after USD Export and Import MAYA-114992
– Outliner : When parenting an item to an unloaded group, the hierarchy cannot be collapsed MAYA-114589
– Load with descendants collapses expanded sibling hierarchies MAYA-114346
– When parenting a prim to a collapsed group, it auto-expands the group MAYA-114344
– USD : Animation performance very slow on certain assets – USD reports animated mesh topology MAYA-113944
– USD : Exporting the attached maya file using USD takes extremely long MAYA-107839
– Toggling off Hold-Outs in the Show menu shows incorrect material color MAYA-122430
– Image planes cannot be selected in some cases MAYA-122337
– MPxGeometryOverride selection bug when vertices drawn through MUIDrawManager::lineStrip MAYA-122238
– VP2 : MPxContext::drawFeedback not being cleared when camera is moved MAYA-122211
– Selection priority of joints and selection handles is the same in VP2 MAYA-122026
– VP2 : Normals Display Scale does not work on NURBS surfaces MAYA-121996
– OGS detecting wrong GPU memory limit on certain Intel GPU systems (1024) MAYA-121954
– Standard Surface displays black if UDIM file texture is connected to multiple channels MAYA-121845
– Cannot select face with default material option enabled MAYA-121751
– Reparenting can break material bindings in the Viewport MAYA-121697
– Provide feedback when setting uvTilingMode=3 to load tile texture MAYA-121548

Autodesk Maya is the creative 3D softwares used by animators across the world. It is animators favorite software as a 3D software can do multiple activities. Maya can be used to for realistic 3D animation , 3D modelling, realistic 3D environment , character formation and animation, visual effects and many other effects. Such effects and animation is used not only for animated movies but for news channels, television commercials, advertisements, manufacturing etc. Along with these industries video gaming industry is also leveraged by Autodesk Maya. Various modelling tools and its assembly helps to create realistic environment for games or even to create 3D models.

Hence Autodesk Maya is the most important 3D software where breathtaking 3D models, scenes, 3D environment, visual effects(VFX), animation etc. can be created. Tools and various features in Maya helps to work on complex projects easily by enhancing production quality and creativity.

In this video we will be taking a look at what Maya 2023 has to offer. This includes updates to the retopology and booleon tools, overall modeling performance improvements, the blue pencil tool and some of the other workflow enhancements.
Autodesk helps people imagine, design and create a better world. Everyone—from design professionals, engineers and architects to digital artists, students and hobbyists—uses Autodesk software to unlock their creativity and solve important challenges.

Product: Autodesk Maya
Version: 2023.1 with Offline Help & Additional Content
Supported Architectures: x64
Languages Supported: multilanguage
System Requirements: Windows
Size: 6.3 Gb

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