NTFS Permissions Auditor v1.5.8.1 Free (by Albus Bit)

NTFS Permissions Auditor v1.5.8.1 Free (by Albus Bit)
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Audit directory permissions in your Windows systems quickly and easily.

NTFS permissions are used to manage access to the files and folders in NTFS file systems. NTFS Permissions Auditor allows you to quickly analyze, verify and review any NTFS folder permissions. It provides you with deep and detailed audit results.


Audit an unlimited number of directories

Folder tree view
Hierarchical folder view providing all folder details such as path, owner, permissions, etc.

Account view
See all users, groups and computers, and all directories to which they have access.

Get started with 3 easy steps
1. Select or import directories you want to audit, or search for other shares and add them to the audit settings.
2. Configure additional audit settings if required or simply leave the default settings on.
3. Press ‘Audit’ and wait for all folders and their NTFS permissions to be scanned. When the audit results are ready, you can view them.







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