NXPowerLite Desktop 9.1.6 (x64)

NXPowerLite Desktop 9.1.6 (x64)
File size: 49 MB

NXPowerLite Desktop Edition radically reduces the size of Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations and JPEG images.

Files remain in their original format, with no discernible loss of quality – and there’s no need to unzip before using them. It’s incredibly easy to use. Simply select a file, choose your optimisation level and click the ‘Optimise’ button. If you use Lotus Notes, Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express or Windows Mail, it’s even easier. NXPowerLite Desktop Edition will automatically optimize email attachments as they are sent. File recipients don’t need NXPowerLite to open or edit the attachments.

Key features
Same format
Compressed files stay in the same format with the same file extension.

Secure + Local
All compression takes place locally on your computer – files are not shared online.

Custom profiles
Create custom settings profiles and quickly select them from the home screen for a great productivity boost.

Email compression
Automatically compress email attachments as they are sent from Outlook or Lotus Notes.

For a server solution take a look at Optemail.
Zip Compression
Compressed files can be left in their original format or optionally collected together and further compressed into a single Zip file.

Batch Compression
NXPowerLite can compress up to 10,000 files at a . Great for compressing small folders of content quickly.

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