MOTU Digital Performer 11.11.91406 (x64)

MOTU Digital Performer 11.11.91406 (x64)
MOTU Digital Performer 11.11.91406 (x64) | 1.05 GB

Musical inspiration meets powerhouse audio production.

Get inspired, then refine your mix — all in a singular workflow. Digital Performer 11 delivers inspirational features devised to ignite your creative muse, combined with state-of-the-art studio production technologies eeered for the most demanding, world-class recording and production environments.
Introducing DP11
DP version 11 delivers exciting new features like Nanosampler 2.0, Retrospective Audio Record, Articulation Maps and MPE Support, plus dozens of workflow enhancements requested by DP users.
Create your own instruments and sounds
This major upgrade of DP’s nanosampler is your new go-to virtual instrument for creating unique beats, instruments and sounds. Drop in a sample and start stretching, slicing, randomizing and transfog audio into just about any sound or instrument you can imagine.
Classic, 1-shot, Slice
ZTX stretching
Settings tab with Envelopes
and LFO graphs
Trigger and Gate playback
Snapping to minimize clicks
Sample gain, Fade-In and Fade-out
Repeat and Reverse
Drag and drop import
Support for 32 and 64-bit floating point sound files
Unleash your sound libraries
Take full control of the expressive depth of today’s most advanced orchestral sound libraries, from VSL to EastWest to Spitfire to Cinesamples. Create or import articulation maps to build dynamic instruments and ensembles and experience the sheer joy of playing them live, on the fly. Or program your own masterpiece with unprecedented realism and musical impact.
Embellish your masterpiece
Embellish your masterpiece with articulations, trills, tremolos, bowings and alternate noteheads, all connected to your orchestra library sounds. What you see is what you hear.
Windows 10 (64-bit only)


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