Wagnardsoft Tools

Wagnardsoft Tools
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Wagnardsoft Tools (Wtools) is a lightweight utility that packs several tools to clean your system of temporary and other obsolete files that take up space and may put your PC at risk.

Users are warned to use the app at their own risk.

Wagnardsoft Tools allows you to remove temporary files from Windows, along with any current user and browser data, to free up space on your machine. It can also repair corrupted Windows system files, custom size SSD trimming, opening a command prompt (CMD.exe), and REGEDIT with system privilege for advanced file/registry manipulation. It can also enable/disable MSI (Message Signaled Interrupts) for Nvidia cards pre RTX3xxx (will support all PCI devices in a future update).

Wagnardsoft Tools provides you the essentials to clean up target areas on your machine and, in turn, free up space. It is important to note, do not delete important registry keys and create a registry backup just in case.

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